An area for active recreation where the highest quality and sleek environment help to regain internal joy, feel freedom, and pick up fresh energy

We invite those who like active leisure time to spend quality time playing tennis, Padel, basketball or volleyball. In “Royal Horse Resort”, two tennis and one Padel, one basketball and one beach volleyball courts are waiting for you.

About the tennis courts:

  • Court with rubber coating,
  • Court with faux grass,
  • Court rent price for 1 hour – €30,
  • Open courts,
  • Tennis ball machine rent for 1 hour – €20,
  • Minimal rent time – 1 hour.

Balls are included in the price, but you should have your own rackets.

About the padel tennis courts:

  • 2 courts with faux grass,
  • Open courts,
  • Court rent price for 1 hour – €20,
  • 1-hour lesson with a coach – €25,
  • Minimal rent time – 1 hour.

Balls and rackets are not included; you should bring your own.