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The only recreational place of such kind in Lithuania, next to the Nemunas River and surrounded by forests

Luxury accommodation in the resort’s cottages and guest house rooms, where you’ll find spacious apartments for everyone’s needs, a kitchen with full amenities, and details that will ensure harmonious and comfortable relaxation in nature.

Unique recreational area in a harmonious bosom of nature

Located in Dzūkija, right by the forest, the homestead is cherished now by the fifth family generation. Unique bosom of nature for making exceptional memories, fostering bonds with horses and nurturing your internal harmony.

It’s more than just a horse resort

Accommodation for families and couples looking for a comfortable stay. Thought through to the smallest of details, it ensures quality time surrounded by nature and horses.

An innovative and luxurious stable that has no analogues in the Baltic states and features carefully thought-through architectural solutions.

A space for active recreation where the highest quality and sleek surroundings help to regain internal joy, feel freedom, and pick up fresh energy.

Surrounded by the forest, the wake park features modern tracks for discovering and nurturing your talent.

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